Reduction of yard times
through automated goods exchange

Our semi-automated express loaders are driven by electric motors which move LOGISPEED load plates onto or off vehicles. Stacking allows full and empty load plates to be swapped quickly and easily.

Your advantages of automatic loading

  • semi-automated goods exchange in 6-8 minutes
  • significant reduction in staff and forklift times
  • yard times reduced by up to 80%
  • a powerful and solid conveyor unit
  • easy exchange of loaded and unloaded carriers
  • favorable basic investment costs


  • Siderails, power drive units
  • Steel load surface
  • Steel sliding plate
  • Steel loading ramps suited for forklifts
  • Energy use: c. 1.6 kW/h per loading or unloading
  • CE-certified

“Our experienced team can assemble your loader on site quickly and reliably.”
Dirk Ilmer, Director of Engineering, CLSi

Our all-in-one mobile solution:

The ideal solution if you have a relatively low number of deliveries but need to deal with a variety of ramps and loading bays.

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