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A firm foundation for your business

Load plates are wheeled platforms which form the heart of all Logispeed systems. These flat trolleys are extremely strong and low. They take up very little space and can be made to fit the dimensions of your vehicle fleet. Logispeed’s load plates can be loaded using conventional equipment, anywhere and at any time. They are suitable for pallets, sacks, rolls, boxes, long goods – in fact for pretty much anything you need to send out or receive. Your freight can be sorted and ready to load onto each lorry the moment it arrives.
[b]YOUR ADVANTAGES[/b] [list][*]Faster loading and unloading [*]Order picking & cargo securing possible before lorry arrives[*]Late lorries impact less on loading schedules[*]Less man-hours and machine-time needed[*]zSave space and free up loading-bays[*]Vehicles spend up to 80% less time on the premises[/list]
[b]SPECIFICATIONS[/b] [list][*]Hollow aluminium construction[*]Tough synthetic wheels with steel bearings[*]Carry up to 25 tonnes[*]Weight: 800 kg[*]Length: 13.42 m – 13.62 m, depending on length of your lorries[*]Width: 2.4 m[*]Height: just 5 cm[*]Loaded lengthwise including fittings to secure load[*]Forklifts can drive on to load plates[*]Made from aluminium, steel and synthetic material[/list]
“Our load plates are at the heart of our Logispeed systems and allow fast loading and unloading, and make interim storage easier.” Heinz Buse, Managing Director, CLSi


[b]CONVERT YOUR FLEET QUICKLY AND EASILY[/b] Only a few modifications are necessary for vehicles to be fully compatible with Logispeed’s systems. Adapted lorries retain full functionality for conventional use. Conversion can be completed within one day and costs less than [n]€5000[/n] per vehicle. The conversion kit allows loading from the rear with a load area around [n]13.6 m[/n] long. The kit also includes equipment to secure load plates during transport.
[b]LOGISPEED ® IS A BRAND OWNED BY:[/b] Complete Logistics Systems international GmbH Mühlenweg 2d 26789 Leer Germany
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