Complete systems for your internal logistics

LOGISPEED – the automatic truck loading system (ATLS) by Complete Logistics Systems international – significantly speeds up loading and unloading processes. Logispeed’s provides individual ATLS solutions to move goods and parts for the food retail, mail order, manufacturing and automotive industries.

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Five good reasons. Any questions?

Reduced loading and unloading times More efficient use of vehicles Automatic loading and unloading Increased cargo handling
Lower personnel costs Less damage to goods Optimised use of space
Improved resource planning Less personnel Fewer risks of injury
Less CO2 produced More sustainable Flexible and expandable
Innovative Problem solving Individual

Good enough for the best.

Good enough for you?

[b]LOGISPEED ® IS A BRAND OWNED BY:[/b] Complete Logistics Systems international GmbH Mühlenweg 2d 26789 Leer Germany
T +49 (0)491 97928-140
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